Monday, April 16, 2012


I'm extremely pleased with the progress I've made since November! I have all my latest artwork hanging on my wall, which is a fun way to see artistic progression from month to month!


  1. your progress is amazing! I must compliment you on your shading, which is really very good. I'm actually a bit jealous of it! I'm good at seeing color and shapes and lines, but I'm miserable at shading, though I have been trying to improve.

    Are you learning all this on your own, or do you have a program that you do?


  2. Makes me think of Mary Magdelene =)

  3. I have just been looking through your drawings throughout the last few months or so, and these latest two are a real great improvement to the last. You've managed to do great shading, and the eyes are particurly realistic.
    Well done, keep up the good work, you have a talent, and you can only get better!

  4. You are an amazing artist! God has given you a talent to encourages others! Keep up the good work.

  5. Oh wow, I did not know you drew! I don't really do well with realistic sketches. I like to make doodles :) You are amazing!