Thursday, October 11, 2012

Portrait 10/11/12

I'm please with shading and colors, however I'm a little irritated with her crooked eye...but....what can you do? Better next time!
Her eye should look like this- (used Paint program to move eye) I'm thinking my eraser is coming out.....


  1. Not bad! Really, it's quite good. Your shading is very nice, and I hardly noticed the crooked eyes! Do you draw lines at all to make sure everything's even? I have such trouble getting my eyes straight too, and that really helps...just to measure out where everything is supposed to be and mark it. It's sort of a hassle, but it saves a lot of crazed erasing!

    Oh! And I'm so glad you're enjoying Doctor Who so far! It is definitely best to start with the first season, though, so you don't get too confused. :P the first season is not my favorite, but it's what got me into the show, and I love it all the same.(; hope you and your family enjoy it!


  2. Mmm yes, this is my fav so far! You've definitely improved, and the fact that you spotted the crooked eye shows that you have a good eye for that sort of thing. Yep, you can only learn from mistakes right?
    God bless, keep on going!

  3. Wow! You've improved so much since just last year! Keep going!

  4. Love the shading! I do art as well by the way!


    Try this, it'll help you to get your measurements and proportions perfect. Keep practicing, more than that, keep making wonderful art!
    - Marcy