Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect! Art By Natasha

I created this portrait pencil sketch today, I must say I'm quite pleased with the end results! It took several days to finish (like 3). Usually it only takes me a day or so to finish a portrait, however I'm learning to slow down and get it perfectly bleneded. I tend to to want to rush through things and get it finished. So...slooowww down! : ) I also received two pencil sets for my Christmas presents, I've been using one set frequently. The other is a graphite set which I'm excited to start experimenting with.

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  1. Dear Natasha:
    I recently ran across your blog--love your artwork! (I tried to comment before, but due to my ineptitude for technology, it didn't go through!) It is great to see work by other followers of Christ. I agree with your sentiment; I too am a young amateur, "in the smallest sense of the word."
    I especially love this drawing! What kind of pencils and paper do you use?
    Keep honoring Him through your work!

    All the best (God's blessing!)