Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012 Drawing #2

I have to say that I'm super happy with how this came out! Although there is always room for improvement, I'm happy with my progression. I find the more I practice, the more confident I am in my drawing. I'm not however very happy with how her cheek shadow came out, it turned out a bit harsher than I intended-oh well! Any other observations?


  1. Your eyes aand hair look great! The only thing I notice is that her nose is pretty thin, and her fingers are a bit thin as well. Oh, and to fix your shading (not that I'm any shading expert...I've only started experimenting with it seriously in the past year), could you maybe add some more around her eye and chin?(:
    Really nice job!(:


  2. Hello, her largest finger looks a tiny tiny bit too thin. But other than that, it looks life like! You are so amazing! :)

  3. WoW, very cool!!love the hair!!!